Farm Equipment Classifieds

Free classified ads for farm equipment, tractors and used farm machinery for sale in United States and Canada for farm equipment. Find used machinery and farm equipment near you.

Free Farming Classifieds

Our goal is to connect local farmers with other farmers, whether it is for commercial, industrial or for hobby interests in the field of farming and agriculture.

For established websites, please visit BC Farm & Ranch for real estate in British Columbia or visit farmzilla for Canadian Ag-Listings.

Local Farm Classifieds accepts listings for local or regional farm-related advertising for products and services in the United States (USA) and Canada only. We offer no-charge (free) internet advertising and marketing in the agriculture industry.

Categories for classifieds:

  • Organic Farming where alternate farming works. Livestock and crop production utilizes a more natural method of working with nature. Self-substinance where people choose to not use fertilizers, antibiotics and pesticides for growth, but work with more organic methods. More information on organic farming
  • Hobby Farms are usually smaller types of farms that are maintained for recreational purposes and are not the primary source of income for most hobby farmers in North America
  • Livestock farming would include dairy and beef cattle, sheeps, pigs, goats and more.