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Posted 2 days ago by ritali li

We are a professional chicken cage manufacturer GREATFARM? Chicken Cage With 15 years' production experience, we can provide the quality products e.g chicken cage, (poultry...

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Posted 2 weeks ago by cooper kim

Available are the best sheeps breeds , We have Lambs and rams available for sale. We have the best selling breeds for wool/fleece , meat...

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Posted 1 month ago by Ray Cooper

Health goats dairy and meat goats for sale Call/Text now (505)-600-7080.,No CAE, CL, and JOHNES DISEASE .we currently have goats which are milking currently ,...

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Posted 1 month ago by Thomas Ray

We have dairy cattle breeds for sale , they vary from Jersey , Holsteins ,Guernseys , Ayrshires , Brown Swiss ,  . They are also...

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Posted 2 months ago by hernandezs kim

Available are some healthy beef cattle breeds for sale , we have breeds like : Limousin cattle ,Charolais cattle,Hereford,Angus cattle,Fleckvieh , shorthorn , hereford ,...

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Posted 2 months ago by Tyson Lena

We supply the best quality Boer Goats , Sheep & beef slaughter and fattening bulls, beef carcass meat, pregnant heifers and dairy cows as well...

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Posted 2 months ago by Tyson Lena

live sheep ,live lamb, & Live Goats , & cattle ( steers and cows), calf ( young ) , live buffalo , live camels for...

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Posted 2 months ago by Tyson Lena

Our animals are well-bred, which are free from parasites and other diseases/ The animals are provided with proper vaccination and are regularly checked by veterinary...

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